10 Harvests of La Pettegola

Ten harvests of La Pettegola, six limited editions of Banfi's most irreverent Vermentino created by as many internationally renowned artists. La Pettegola is much more than a wine: it is an experience to be enjoyed with all the senses, to savor a thousand different shades of beauty.
It was 2013 when La Pettegola was presented for the first time by Banfi, on the occasion of the Vinitaly fair. The innovative packaging, essential and original at the same time, immediately met with success, as did the pleasantness of the wine, suitable for any occasion and ideal for aperitifs, summer dinners and moments of relaxation.
La Pettegola thus began Banfi's adventure outside the Montalcino area, leading the company to explore production in the Tuscan Maremma area.
The limited editions of La Pettegola
Ten years have passed and La Pettegola has transformed from a simple Vermentino to an actual symbol of Banfi, also thanks to the limited editions project which since 2018 has made La Pettegola a collector's wine.
“A treasure chest”
Banfi has decided to celebrate ten years of its Vermentino with a very special box set. The one created for the tenth harvest of La Pettegola is a real treasure chest, a precious object that contains six authentic jewels: the limited editions of the most irreverent Vermentino from Banfi, created by six internationally renowned artists and designers.