2022 Limited Edition

by Van Orton

When Banfi contacted us to create the label for the new Limited Edition of La Pettegola, it was immediately clear who the main figure of the artwork should be; the bird! We imagined it as the main character in a brightly coloured and rather psychedelic video game, like the ones we spent hours playing as children. Our “pettegola” bird moves through a stylised Tuscan landscape, among hills, flowers, bunches of grapes, bicycles and fiery sunsets, bringing light-heartedness and happiness wherever it goes. The fact that the label comes to life through augmented reality was further encouragement to create a design full of life, a veritable mini-world to “Van-Ortonise”.

Banfi presents: La Pettegola by Van Orton

Colour, psychedelia, Nineties style. The Limited-Edition bottle of La Pettegola by Van Orton is a concentration of energy.

The artists present La Pettegola

The Van Orton twins told us how the concept for the La Pettegola Limited Edition came about, what it is like to work together, what their relationship with music is, and much more.

Explore augmented reality

La Pettegola once again comes to life through augmented reality with the 2022 Limited Edition. Scan the label with the Banfi Experience app to see the animation on your smartphone and interact with the graphics with a simple tap.