2023 Limited Edition

by Noma Bar

I had never created a wine label or worked with augmented reality, but challenges like the one Banfi proposed to me are the ones that fascinate me the most. I wanted to combine my style with the world of La Pettegola, imagining an encounter between women who reveal their passions, dreams and secrets over a glass of wine. Their emotions, as well as the details of La Pettegola, are “hidden in plain sight”: the amazement created by looking closer is what makes design and life, after all, so special.

Banfi presents: La Pettegola by Noma Bar

A golden chalice, a sleek bottle, a bird spreading its wings. Noma Bar transforms the symbols that characterise La Pettegola into distinctive images.

The artist presents La Pettegola

Noma Bar explained to us what lies behind every detail of her artwork for La Pettegola, where no graphical element has been left to chance.

Explore augmented reality

Use the Banfi Experience app to scan the 2023 Limited Edition La Pettegola label with your smartphone and watch the scene come to life!