La Pettegola, a word which in Italian also means a “gossiper”, is the perfect wine to accompany a chat with friends, with which to open up and express what we would otherwise keep to ourselves. This led us to the idea of creating a project that incarnated this spirit.

A journey

This is Live, Love, La Pettegola. A three-stage journey through Tuscany in the company of the artist Enrica Mannari in her van, to discuss and reflect on three themes of great importance to us.

Three of the most fascinating locations in this splendid region serve as the setting for a chat and a drink with Enrica Mannari and her special guests. Castiglione d’Orcia, Campiglia Marittima and Porto Ercole are the chosen destinations for this journey to explore feelings, emotions and stories. During the journey, Enrica will meet a number of special guests, who, over a glass or two of La Pettegola, will open up over themes concerning life and love.