Let’s get to know the wine a little better

La Pettegola is a straw-yellow Vermentino with reflections of green. The nose is intensely aromatic, with notes of citrus, white blossom and tropical fruit.

On the palate, its tanginess and persistence lead to a fresh and pleasantly fruity finale. It is an unambiguous and easy wine, characterised by its deep ties with its territory of origin, the Maremma, which emerge in the glass through a combination of fragrances and flavours that recall sunny days on the Tuscany coast.

The history of Banfi has been characterised by a search for beauty since it was founded, when the Mariani brothers fell in love with the gentle Tuscan hills and the colours of these spectacular lands, creating the splendid Montalcino estate in 1978.

Banfi’s wines are an expression of charm and elegance, with a harmony that renders them almost works of art. In recent years, a love of Tuscany has led Banfi to explore some of the most suitable areas in the Region; Bolgheri, where the small estate combines the legendary history of the Etruscans with the production of Bolgheri DOC, and the Maremma, an area dedicated to the production of Vermentino, of which La Pettegola is an example.