La Pettegola travels the world… in a video!

Our Vermentino is literally on everyone’s lips!
But let’s take a step back. Do you know the origin of La Pettegola’s name?

The name is borrowed from a bird that is common to the Tuscan Maremma coast, where Banfi grows the majority of the grapes used to make our Vermentino, but “pettegola” in Italian also means “gossiper”. It is a fun and evocative name in Italy, but has less meaning abroad, where the play of words that lie behind La Pettegola is not understood.

This is why we have chosen to explain the meaning of the name with an animated video dedicated to lovers of La Pettegola from all over the world.

The theme? Gossip! Beginning in Italy, we set off, country after country, to discover how the rest of the world says “La Pettegola”.

Japan, the USA, Germany, Spain, France, Brazil, Russia, Denmark, Korea. Each country is represented by a character that leads us on a journey to explore its lands, in a “journey around the world” with our beloved Vermentino; La Pettegola.

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