The Van Ortons create the new Spotify playlist

The Van Ortons have an extremely close, almost interdependent, relationship with music. In addition to their work as designers and illustrators, the two brothers have always harboured a passion for music, and in recent years have played in a number of bands.

Marco and Stefano constantly listen to their favourite artists while they work, and they have even set up a highly equipped studio next to their graphics studio, which they use whenever they have a chance.

Playing an instrument and creating an illustration are practically the same thing for the Van Ortons; a way to communicate sensations and emotions in a creative, dynamic and always new manner.

For the Spotify playlist put together for the launch of their Limited Edition of La Pettegola, the duo chose songs from a range of musical genres, from electronic to ambient, and to jazz. This led to the creation of a musical landscape that, in line with their idea of art as an all-round phenomenon, is perfect for enjoying a bottle of La Pettegola.

All you have to do is pour yourself a glass of La Pettegola, open Spotify and enjoy the sound chosen just for you by the Van Ortons.

Here is the playlist; happy listening!

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